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Butterfly Tenergy 64
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par Vitalijs Svjatoha
Hello all the table tennis fans! I tried tenergy 64 on a Andro cell core off + blade which may impact my feelings. Nevermind, the rubber feels very springy and fast but with very much control and feeling. I used it on my BH and my topspins as well as smashes went just the way I wanted them to go. I tried the rubber on my FH and it worked very well. I consider myself as a soft rubber player I enjoyed playing with Tenergy 64 very much. It feels somewhat faster than I need but the dynamics of the game is increasing and I feel that if I just could adjust my game to somewhat faster game style then it 8the tenergy 64) would suit perfectly. my conclusion is: the rubber suited to one with attack in mind but with some control in mind. Judging from the marks of the rubber which I played just f couple of trainings it will not lasts long but the "exclusive" feeling is still therer and if you are ready to buy a new rubber every 4-6 months then it is a good investment for a attacker with demands of control.

Notation : 5 sur 5 étoiles! [5 sur 5 étoiles!]
par Henri Rix
Very good for attacking play – better for direct, hard play than Tenergy 05. Works well with hard and medium hard blades. Not sure about soft blades. Always extra power from mid distance. Tried it on the ALC blade. A fast combination – for me the 1,9 mm version was the best because of a little better control.

Notation : 5 sur 5 étoiles! [5 sur 5 étoiles!]
par Paul Oakes
One thing rarely mentioned in rubber statistics is the throw angle - the height the rubber naturally sends the ball. This is not the same as the ability to lift a ball that the sticky rubbers have, a high throw will put the ball upwards even on a flat stroke. This has an incredibly high throw angle, making it useless for over the table players (you need to aim about 18 inches shorter - easier to get a different rubber than re-calibrate all my shots). Using it for off the table topspin is a joy though - not as spinny as a Chinese sticky, but much faster. Great for long sidespin serves - the ball arrives at the opponent too quickly for them to read spin from the flight and is really rotating. So if you feel you need a passport to play the far side of the white line this is a 5 star rubber, although there are faster rubbers out there. Players of Chinese stickies who are after more speed or the Tackies should consider this.

Notation : 4 sur 5 étoiles! [4 sur 5 étoiles!]
par Ken Neyt
Good rubber but isn't as fast as the 05. It has more spin, more controle than the 05. It's strange but the 05 has more effect when you slice.

Notation : 4 sur 5 étoiles! [4 sur 5 étoiles!]
par Kjerstin Moen
Simply the best rubber ever:-) great speed and spin.

Notation : 5 sur 5 étoiles! [5 sur 5 étoiles!]
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